Chef Gui Alinat is a published author and also translates culinary books in French, English and Spanish.

He is the author of The Chef’s Repertoire, Eat More Burn More™, and the translator of Molecular Cuisine: Twenty Techniques, Forty Recipes. He is working on his fourth culinary book, due in 2016.

He has been working with American Technical PublishersCRC Press for about 8 years, and more recently. He has been writing, translating, and editing books and publications geared towards experts and the general public alike.

Gui also was a regular food writer for the Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St Petersburg Times), one of the largest newspaper in the country, as well as Creative Loafing. He is currently writing for

He is available for freelance content creation, food writing and technical translations.

The Chef's Repertoire for iPhone/iPad/iBooks

iphoneThe Chef’s Repertoire is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.


The Chef’s Répertoire e-book is the perfect electronic reference for every hospitality professional, food writer/blogger, and culinary enthusiast.

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Chef Gui’s first book is definitely one he can be proud of, and I believe that it will be well-received by professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike. Gui has created a quick-reference inventory that every American working in the hospitality industry should own.

Rick Tramonto

Celebrity chef, R'evolution restaurant, New Orleans

Molecular Cuisine: Twenty Techniques, Forty Recipes


molecular cuisineUsing methods that may seem more suited to science labs than kitchens, this book unlocks the secrets to the dishes, textures, techniques, and sensations of molecular cuisine. It explores revolutionary techniques that have the remarkable ability to toy with the chemical and physical reactions of cooking to create revolutionized versions of common cuisine.

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The Chef's Repertoire

PCRcover.epsThe Chef’s Repertoire is a superb collection of classic dishes served on American menus with their pronunciations, origins, ingredients, and techniques.

Inspired by Le Repertoire de La Cuisine, it is a must-have for the professional or serious home chef.

The Chef’s Repertoire has won a Cordon d’Or International Culinary Awards for Best Culinary Literature. It has received praised from celebrity chefs and other professionals.

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Chef Gui’s book will inspire great cooks to create great meals. It will find a place at my desk where I will use it to inspire some exciting new BBQ dishes.

Ray Dr. BBQ Lampe

Celebrity chef, Big Green Egg

My Molecular Cuisine Kit


The kit consists of measuring spoons, pipettes, tubing, silicon molds, and slotted spoons accompanied by a book featuring color photographs, illustrations, and 28 molecular gastronomy recipes, written by Anne Cazor and Christine Lienard, protégés of Molecular Gastronomy founder Hervé This. Translated by award-winning chef Gui Alinat, the text presents the field of molecular gastronomy as a scientific discipline concentrating on culinary transformations. The book unlocks the secrets to the new dishes, new textures, new flavors, and new sensations of this cutting-edge cooking style.

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