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The Chef’s Repertoire (2010)

Molecular Cuisine (2011)

Eat More Burn More™ (2015)

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Piquant Caterers

Piquant Caterers is a boutique catering owned by chefs Rosana Rivera, Ricardo Castro, and Gui Alinat. We serve the Tampa Bay community and beyond and provide detail-oriented catering based on creative cuisine, sophisticated yet friendly service, and we personally focus on our most important asset: you. We cater social events, corporate functions, and weddings from 10 to 500.

Food Photography

Chef Gui Alinat is a chef and freelance food photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida.

He works for a variety of editorial and commercial clients interested in portraying the natural beauty of food.

His award-winning photos have been portrayed in a variety of printed and online publications.


Speaking engagements Cooking demonstrations Technical translations (Fr/En/Sp) Culinary writing Content creation

Eat More Burn More™

EatMoreBurnMoverCover-v6 copy

In Chef Gui Alinat’s Eat More, Burn More™ you’ll get over 100 recipes so that you can continue to eat the foods you love and never have to feel awkward at dinners with family and friends. Even the pickiest eater in your family will love these meals. The end result is that you’ll finally start losing weight faster than ever while loving every bite you put in your mouth.

And right now, Chef Gui Alinat wants to give you his secrets for FREE. All that his publisher asks is that you pay shipping and handling.

Have A Peek At A Few Of The Delicious, Guilt-Free, Fat-Burning Meals You’ll Be Soon Enjoying…

Grab your free copy (while supplies last)

The Chef's Repertoire for iPhone/iPad/iBooks

iphoneThe Chef’s Repertoire is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.   The Chef’s Répertoire e-book is the perfect electronic reference for every hospitality professional, food writer/blogger, and culinary enthusiast.
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Chef Gui’s first book is definitely one he can be proud of, and I believe that it will be well-received by professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike. Gui has created a quick-reference inventory that every American working in the hospitality industry should own. Rick Tramonto

Celebrity chef, R'evolution restaurant, New Orleans

The Chef's Repertoire

PCRcover.epsThe Chef’s Repertoire by chef Gui Alinat is a superb collection of classic dishes served on American menus with their pronunciations, origins, ingredients, and techniques.

Inspired by Le Repertoire de La Cuisine, it is a must-have for the professional or serious home chef.

The Chef’s Repertoire has won a Cordon d’Or International Culinary Awards for Best Culinary Literature. It has received praised from celebrity chefs and other professionals.

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Chef Gui’s book will inspire great cooks to create great meals. It will find a place at my desk where I will use it to inspire some exciting new BBQ dishes. Ray Dr. BBQ Lampe

Celebrity chef, Big Green Egg


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