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Food Photography

Bringing food to life for
editorial and commercial
freelance clients

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Restaurant consulting
Public speaking
Technical translations
Culinary writing

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The Chef’s Repertoire (2010)
Molecular Cuisine (2011)
Plating food (2015)

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Artisan Catering

Artisan is a boutique catering. We serve the Tampa Bay community and beyond and provide detail-oriented catering based on creative cuisine, sophisticated yet friendly service, and we personally focus on our most important asset: you.

We cater social events, corporate functions, and weddings from 10 to 500.


Food Photography

Chef Gui is a chef and freelance food photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida.

He works for a variety of editorial and commercial clients interested in portraying the natural beauty of food.

His award-winning photos have been portrayed in a variety of printed and online publications.


Speaking engagements
Cooking demonstrations
Technical translations (Fr/En/Sp)
Culinary writing
Restaurant consulting


The Chef’s Repertoire (2010)
Molecular Cuisine (2011)
Food plating (2015)

The Chef's Repertoire for iPhone/iPad/iBooks

iphoneThe Chef’s Repertoire is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.


The Chef’s Répertoire e-book is the perfect electronic reference for every hospitality professional, food writer/blogger, and culinary enthusiast.

Download now on iTunes

Chef Gui’s first book is definitely one he can be proud of, and I believe that it will be well-received by professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike. Gui has created a quick-reference inventory that every American working in the hospitality industry should own.

Rick Tramonto

Celebrity chef, R'evolution restaurant, New Orleans

The Chef's Repertoire

PCRcover.epsThe Chef’s Repertoire is a superb collection of classic dishes served on American menus with their pronunciations, origins, ingredients, and techniques.

Inspired by Le Repertoire de La Cuisine, it is a must-have for the professional or serious home chef.

The Chef’s Repertoire has won a Cordon d’Or International Culinary Awards for Best Culinary Literature. It has received praised from celebrity chefs and other professionals.

Buy now on Amazon

Chef Gui’s book will inspire great cooks to create great meals. It will find a place at my desk where I will use it to inspire some exciting new BBQ dishes.

Ray Dr. BBQ Lampe

Celebrity chef, Big Green Egg

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This just in from a client: "Hello Gui,
On behalf of myself, Rick and the other guests, we wish to thank you for the wonderful meal that you prepared for us on Saturday. You have prepared many, many meals for us over the years, and the “night in Spain” was one of my favorites.
The tapas “board” was amazing, as was the paella, and assorted cheeses.
We all appreciate your hard work and creativity in presenting us with this spectacular meal.
And we all enjoyed Veronica.
Thank you again !
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What are YOU cooking for the #SuperBowl? ... See MoreSee Less

"How Does it Grow?" Video Series
Where do raisins come from? How is flour made? How does your food grow?.. A fascinating project.
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We did it! Thanks to every single backer for making "How Does it Grow?" a reality! So what's next?

Revenge is a dish best served cold! US placed 2nd (historic!) and does much, much better than last year! ... See MoreSee Less

01 - Norway - 1 662 points 02 - USA - 1 653 points 03 - Sweden - 1 610 points 04 - Finland - 1 599 points 05 - Japan - 1 553 points 06 - Denmark - 1 509 points 07 - France - 1 484 points 08 - Iceland ...

01 - Norway - 1 662 points
02 - USA - 1 653 points
03 - Sweden - 1 610 points
04 - Finland - 1 599 points
05 - Japan - 1 553 points
06 - Denmark - 1 509 points
07 - France - 1 484 points
08 - Iceland - 1 435 points
09 - Netherlands - 1 423 points
10 - United Kingdom - 1 401 points
11 - Germany - 1 383 points
12 - Australia - 1 344 points
13 - Hungary - 1 338 points
14 - Estonia - 1 324 points
15 - Argentina - 1 315 points
16 - Switzerland - 1 314 points
17 - Singapore - 1 301 points
18 - South Korea - 1 300 points
19 - Morocco - 1 275 points
20 - Malaysia - 1 274 points
21 - Canada - 1 248 points
22 - Chile - 1 209 points
23 - Spain - 1 166 points
24 - Guatemala - 1 071 points

This is what you see if you watch the Bocuse d'Or on TV today or tomorrow. This is no kitchen stadium on the Food Network. This is GOOD STUFF. ... See MoreSee Less

© Photos Le Fotographe

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Bocuse d'Or starts today! The best chefs in the world compete. You'll notice Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz front right.
It even looks like Marty Blitz of Mise En Place is on second row on the right! LOL. Although super talented, Marty is probably in his kitchen at Mise.
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Les grands chefs du Monde... 150 chefs, près de 250 étoiles, réunis hier soir à l'Hôtel de Ville de Lyon.

Les grands chefs du Monde...

150 chefs, près de 250 étoiles, réunis hier soir à l'Hôtel de Ville de Lyon.

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Lisette BonneauMais Bocuse n'était pas la, malheureusement2 days ago

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chef gui alinat updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Eileen M ThorntonCan't wait to see the text2 days ago   ·  1
Eileen M ThorntonWOW, then your photographic skills are excellent also. 👏2 days ago   ·  1
Eileen M ThorntonLike x 102 days ago   ·  1
chef gui alinatMeans a lot coming from both of you: both have excellent aesthetic tastes.2 days ago
chef gui alinatAll photos I took for my new book.2 days ago
Gui GrtSplendide !3 days ago   ·  1

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